Clutch handle Grey/Black


Weight 0,25 kg


Standard Unit


Additional Info

Massive Alu. With Ball

The product is suitable for

Hercules MK50/1 -1969 (Sachs 501/4)

Hercules KX5 (Sachs 50/5AKF)

Hercules Prima 3S/M5/M5S/5/5S/5N/6 (Sachs 505/2)

Hercules K50RE/K50SE/Sprint 1973-1974 (Sachs 50S)

Hercules 220/220L/220S (Sachs 50/3MB-LS)

Hercules 221/222 (Sachs 50/A-50/2)

Hercules Citybike CB1/CB2 (Sachs 502)

Hercules L50/Extra/Luxus (Sachs 502)

Hercules MF1/MF2/MP1 (Sachs 502)

Hercules MF3/MF4/MP2/MP4/HR1 (Sachs 50/A-50/2)

Hercules Prima M1/M2/M3/P1/2N (Sachs 504)

Hercules Prima 2S/M4/4/4S/4N (Sachs 505/1)

Hercules Prima P3/Optima 3/3S (Sachs 505/2)

Hercules Prima 4SL/5SL (Sachs 505/1-505/2)

Hercules Prima Presto/Pronto (Sachs 506/3B)

Hercules Prima GT/GX (Sachs 506/3B)

Hercules Prima G3 (Sachs 50/3D)

Hercules Supra 4 (Sachs 50/4EKF)

Hercules MK3X/MK4X 1970-1972 (Sachs 501)

Hercules MK3M/MK4M 1973-1974 (Sachs 501)

Hercules MK1/MK2/Supra 4GP 1975-1980 (Sachs 501)

Hercules K50/Sport/Super Sport/Sprint -1969 (Sachs 50S)

Hercules K50RX/K50SX/Sprint 1970-1972 (Sachs 50S)

Hercules K50RL/K50SL/K50RL-C/Sprint 1975-1980 (Sachs 50S)

Hercules Ultra/Ultra LC/Ultra II LC (Sachs 50S)

Hercules Supra 4GP 1980- (Sachs 506)

Hercules Sportbike SB1/SB2/SB3/SB5 (Sachs 501/50S)

Hercules Roller 50/50S (Sachs 50/3MB-50/4)

Hercules Supra Enduro (Sachs 506/4)

Hercules XE5 (Sachs 50/5AKF)

Hercules Jogging (Sachs 505/2)

Hercules MX1 (Sachs 505/2)

Hercules Supra 2D/3D (Sachs 505/2-505/3)

Hercules ZX1 (Sachs 50/5WKF)


Hercules 214/215/216/217/218/219 (Sachs 50/2-50/3)

Hercules 220K/MK/MKL/PL (Sachs 50/3MLK/ML)

Hercules 220KF/MKF/KF4/K4 (Sachs 50/3-50/4)

Hercules Prima 5SX (Sachs 505/3)

Hercules MK50 (Sachs 50/4)

Puch M50

Puch MS50, VS50 & MV50

Puch VZ50