Dec 2021

NEWS – QUARTERS 3 & 4 2021

NTS – Product Launch & Highlights

All new products in quarters 3 & 4 2021

Dear moped enthusiasts,

We are happy to present the last newsletter of the year, which includes all the product releases that were added to the NTS brand range and arrived at retailers in the past six months.

First of all, we would like to thank all moped fans who keep this wonderful culture alive, and our special thanks go to our dealers and end customers here in Sweden and around the world. You allow us to continue expanding the market with new parts.

To provide some perspective on what you’re enabling us to do, 70 products have been released in the past six months, and well over 100 products in 2021. Of these, a few products have mainly been slightly updated.

Among the 70 products added in the second half of 2021, we’ve come up with a list of favourites, and these are the highlights.


(Full list at the bottom of the post)


A long-awaited gem

As the subheading says, this is a long-awaited gem. These are the crankcase halves of the Sachs EKF engine.

A product that both simplifies and satisfies in refurbishments of Sachs engines. If the halves you already have are cracked or just in poor condition, why not replace them with brand new ones?

The crankcase halves are manufactured according to OE number: 0287 109 015

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Saddle for MCB Compact

What can we say?

The saddle is a real highlight in terms of comfort and pure aesthetics – like other products among the highlights.

The saddle is designed like the iconic Compact saddle so it will be seen as being original in your renovation, which is the aim of all our products.

The saddle is made of black leatherette with white mouldings like several MCB Compact varieties from the 1976 model and onwards.

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Saddle Foam for Yamaha DT50MX

A simple but significant beauty

More than just foam – a product that compliments the Yamaha DT50MX.

Such a simple thing as an unupholstered saddle opens up so many possibilities. With our latest DT updates combined with this foam, you can in principle build a DT50MX in any colour. In new condition and without any compromises.

A more interesting point for us Swedes is that this particular model is very common on the domestic market, as all Swedish-sold DT50MXs have this saddle model, whereas it may differ in Europe and the rest of the world.

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Should be supplemented with the desired saddlery

Crankshaft for Suzuki K50

For all K50 lovers

Generally speaking, a crankshaft may not be the most iconic or cosmetically pleasing detail on a moped, but on one as popular as the Suzuki K50, especially here in Sweden, it’s a greatly sought-after product. It’s also pretty important in terms of the moped’s function.

As with virtually all our crankshafts, needle bearings are also included.

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Ducktail for Puch

Arizona, Dakota 3000, Montana, Monza and Nevada

There is a certain charm in releasing these types of products. First of all, it’s a very iconic detail that always looks good on the mopeds, and it fits many different models. Quite simply, it makes everyone happy. Except for Anti-Puchers, of course, but we have Zündapp parts for you coming soon, too.

The ducktail is black with OE number 359. and fits Puch Arizona, Puch Dakota 3000, Puch Montana, Puch Monza, Puch Nevada

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Is that all?

Absolutely not!

These were just our absolute highlights.

To see all the products, browse the list below. Just click on any product to go to its product page.

Other than that, that’s actually all we have for you in this update and for 2021. 2022 is now approaching and with it, a LOT of big projects such new products, new approaches to products and an entirely new brand. But we’ll come back to that when it’s time!

Thank you so much for reading our newsletter and thanks again to all you moped lovers for sharing in our common passion for… you guessed it: mopeds!

Happy holidays!

Full list of all new products

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Bolt kit Frame Yamaha DT50MX Art. No: 25-17-401 Includes accompanying instruction manual for assembly.
Rear hub repair kit, Honda MT/MB Art. No: 06-38-403
Front hub repair kit, Honda MB50 Art. No: 06-38-405
Front hub repair kit, Honda MT50 Art. No: 06-38-404
Frame casing set, Zündapp 1967–1976 Art. No: 17-57-401
Kickstart rubber with Puch logo, PVC Art. No: 08-48-102
Kickstart rubber 60 mm, PVC Art. No: 01-17-502
Chain tensioner kit, Suzuki K50 77– Art. No: 01-54-706
Chain tensioner kit, Suzuki K50 –76 Art. No: 01-54-705
Seat cover, Yamaha DT50, Blue Art. No: 01-44-204
Tank assembly kit, Yamaha DT50MX Art. No: 01-47-209
Flywheel disc, Yamaha FS1 Art. No: 01-18-501
Clutch lever, Zweirad Union Art. No: 10-22-601
Nozzle set, Fixed L: 33 mm (48–54) + size: 56-62, 64-70, 72-78 Art. No: 01-23-981 Article number 01-23-982 (Size 56–62), -983 (64–70), -984 (72–78)
Nozzle set, Fixed L: 26 mm (48–54) + size: 56-62, 64-70, 72-78 Art. No: 01-23-991 Article number 01-23-992 (Size 56–62), -993 (64–70), -994 (72–78)
M6 nut with 9 mm wrench width Art. No: 55-1618 Uppdaterad
Cushion foam, Yamaha DT50MX Art. No: 01-45-301
Swing axle kit, Yamaha FS1 –1979 Art. No: 01-52-106
Rear axle, Suzuki K50 –1976 Art. No: 01-52-905
Locking pin set, Yamaha DT50 Art. No: 03-72-301
Clamp for generator cable, Yamaha DT50 Art. No: 05-33-803
Casing for horn, Piaggio Ciao Art. No: 61-25-909
Clear lacquer 2-component matt Art. No: 19-80-104
Chain tensioner, Puch Dakota etc., 10-pack Art. No: 01-54-707
Oil hose repair kit, Yamaha DT Art. No: 05-33-810
Spoke set, Front wheel, Piaggio Ciao Art. No: 61-27-401
Rubber kit for swing K50 Art. No: 01-52-107D
Tyre 2.50-15 F-899 Art. No: 90-124-00
Tyre 2.50-19 F-879 Art. No: 90-126-00
Crankshaft, Suzuki K50 Art. No: 02-35-601
Crankshaft, Sachs 50S Art. No: 18-51-101
Crankshaft, Sachs 501/BKF Art. No: 18-51-701
Ignition coil, Piaggio Ciao CC: 50 mm L: 86 mm Art. No: 01-88-601
Light coil, Piaggio Ciao CC: 50 mm L: 86 mm Art. No: 01-88-501
Saddle, MCB Compact –1976 Art. No: 01-39-303
Swing axle kit, Yamaha FS1 1980– Art. No: 01-52-108
Carrier, Maxi/Magnum Art. No: 01-13-304
Spoke set, Rear wheel, Piaggio Ciao Art. No: 61-27-501
Bag Retro Universal Art. No: 10-27-701
Kickstart axle, Puch Maxi Art. No: 01-13-305
Flywheel disc, Suzuki K50 Art. No: 01-19-401
Intake damper, Puch Maxi Art. No: 01-26-801
Wheel axle compl. Yamaha Art. No: 01-52-901
Dust cover with washer, Honda Art. No: 01-55-313
Side covers, Puch Monza and others. Right + Left Art. No: 01-59-201A
Ducktail, Puch Monza and others Art. No: 01-59-203
Tool cover, Monza and others Art. No: 01-59-210
Assembly kit, Side covers, Zündapp 1977–1983 Art. No: 01-59-302
Rubber gaiter, Honda MB50 & MT50 Art. No: 01-66-105
Packing box, Front brake shield, Honda MB50 Art. No: 01-67-206
Packing box, Front brake shield, Honda MT50 Art. No: 01-67-207
Wire holder for brake, Honda MT50 Art. No: 01-67-208
Steering head bearing kit, Honda MT50/MB50 Art. No: 01-67-601 Uppdaterad
Lock nut, Steering head bearing, Honda MT50 Art. No: 01-67-612
Damping rubber, Top cover, Honda Art. No: 02-38-102
Gear spring, Puch Art. No: 02-53-501 Uppdaterad
Clutch discs, Zündapp 250, 2-disc Art. No: 02-62-505
Sleeve for fork spring, Zündapp Art. No: 02-78-301 Uppdaterad
Piston rod, Front fork, Kreidler Art. No: 02-78-905
Assembly kit, Petrol tank, Honda Art. No: 02-83-401
Tank assembly kit, Rear, Honda MB50 Art. No: 02-96-802
Assembly kit, Tank cover, Honda MB50 Art. No: 02-96-803
Bracket, side covers compl. Kreidler Flory Art. No: 05-43-206
Wheel bearing cup 30 mm, Hercules Art. No: 10-12-502
Wheel bearing cup, 35 mm Hercules, for rear hub H-905 Art. No: 10-12-503
Fork crown bottom, MCB Compact and others Art. No: 11-12-102
Crankcase, Sachs EKF Art. No: 12-19-201
Cover kit, Zündapp 529 Art. No: 17-47-701
Cover kit, Zündapp 517/529/530 Art. No: 17-47-702
Gauge fittings, Kreidler Flory Art. No: 18-23-801